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Ernst Gittenberger

Senior Researcher

Office address:

Gußhausstraße 8-1040 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 505 97 61 / 26

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Ernst Gittenberger graduated from the Vienna University of Economics, focussing already during his studies on market and trade research. Since 2002 he has been working for the Austrian Institute for SME Research as a researcher and since 2003 as a senior researcher in the field of industry and structure analyses. Being specialized on ongoing and event-driven economic analyses, mainly in the field of trade, he has been responsible for various studies on enterprise respectively customer research.

Within various scientific projects he is involved in research on trade at the Vienna University of Economics and his dissertation is concerned with the domain on “Betriebsformenwahl älterer KonsumentInnen” (2011, Prof. Peter Schnedlitz, University of Economics Vienna and Prof. Christoph Teller, University of Surrey/UK). His dissertation was awarded the the following prizes “Wiener Preis für Handelsforschung” and “Rudolf Sallinger-Preis” and was furthermore published as one of the best of the year (publisher: Peter Lang).

He is also active as a tutor at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences for the marketing and sales management .

Main focus of work:

  • trade
  • structure, business cycle and industry analyses