The evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of public funding is increasingly gaining importance as budgets become tighter and (inter-) national competition stronger. Evaluation is today an essential part of a learning-oriented and strategic policy design. As a result, the Austrian Institute for SME Research is engaged in evaluating projects, programmes and institutions in the areas of research-, technology- and innovation policy, labour market, regional policyenvironmental policy as well as entrepreneurship.

The Institute is member of the European Evaluation Society (EES), the German Evaluation Society (DeGEval) and the Platform for Reserach and Technology Evaluation (Plattform fteval). Evaluations of the Austrian Institute for SME Research meet the (qualification) standards developed by these institutions and draw upon well-approved approaches of empirical social research.

The services comprise ex ante, interim and ex post evaluations, the development of monitoring and indicator systems, process monitoring as well as benchmarking and comparative analyses. Thus, evaluations of the Austrian Institute for SME Research contribute to the whole span of evidence-based policy design. Our clients, but also stakeholders involved in the implementation of policy programmes, particularly value our professional approach and the possibilities for learning cycles built into the evaluation process.

In the field of research, technology and innovation policy (RTI policy) the main focus is put on the analysis and assessment of objectives, implementation and effects of measures of RTI policy at European, national and regional levels.

Evaluations of labour market and social policy programmes concentrate on the analysis of policy implementations aimed to develop the labour market and the social integration of disadvantaged groups at national as well as European levels.

The main focus of evaluation activities in the field of regional policy is on analyses and assessment of programmes and institutions, contributing to the improvement of policy design within regions and Federal States.

In the field of climate and environmental policy we particularly evaluate the support given to entrepreneurial measures that serve climate and environmental protection, but also broader initiatives for the diffusion of technologies in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Evaluations in the area of entrepreneurship mainly comprise analyses and as-sessments of SME support programmes.


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