Peter Kaufmann

Senior Researcher

Office address:
Gußhausstraße 8-1040 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 505 97 61 / 31
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Peter Kaufmann is senior researcher at the Austrian Institute for SME Research. He specialises in the areas of evaluation, environment, and innovation and technology. He had also been employed at the Austrian Institute for SME Research from 1998 to 2001 with the same emphases. In between, he spent nine years in England. There, he implemented with the New Economics Foundation, financed by the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, a business entrepreneurship programme with a special emphasis on bottom-up processes (2001-2003) which has since been reproduced on a broad basis. His research activities were mainly based at SPRU-Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Sussex. Here he researched issues on the diffusion of innovations in rural areas as well as the interplay of qualitative and quantitative methods to support evaluation practices. He has implemented projects for nearly all social-scientific research funds at the European level as well in England and Austria, and for various ministries and directorates in these countries and the EU. The clientele for his consulting work includes the European Commission, ministries in the UK and regional stakeholders in Austria. Besides the question on the optimal mix of methods in policy and programme evaluations, he has extensive experience in the active implementation of evaluations. This includes evaluations related to innovation and technology, labour market, regional and environmental policy.

Main focus:

  • evaluation
  • entrepreneurship
  • climate and environmental policy
  • Innovation and technology