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Peter Voithofer


Office address:

Gußhausstraße 8, 1040 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 505 97 61 / 14

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Peter Voithofer studied business economics at the Vienna University of Economics. Since 1994 he has been operating in different functions at the Austrian Institute for SME Research, since 2009 as director of the Institute. He is responsible for the research fields "industry and structure analyses", "entrepreneurship" as well as "databases". Furthermore, Peter Voithofer is self-employed business consultant as well as state certified management consultant, he regularly holds trainings and lectures. Peter Voithofer is specialised in the analyses of economic segments and has been responsible for a variety of studies on the situation and development of industries and sectors within the last decade. Another main focus of his research activities is on the analyses of the diversity of entrepreneurship in SMEs - regarding the different stages of enterprise life cycles (start-up, growth, maturity and succession phases) as well as different types of entrepreneurs or enterprises (e.g. one-person enterprises, family enterprises). In addition, he is the national representative in various expert groups on SME relevant topics of the European Commission. 

Main focus:

  • retail trade
  • studies and analyses about the variety of entrepreneurship
  • business administration, enterprise management, controlling
  • studies and analyses in the field of entrepreneurship research
  • conception and development of economic databases