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Eva Heckl

Senior Researcher

Office address:

Gußhausstraße 8-1040 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 505 97 61 / 36

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Eva Heckl graduated from the University of Vienna, having studied political sciences and French, and also graduated from the Vienna Universit of Economics, having studied Economics. Since 2000, Eva Heckl has been working at the Austrian Institute for SME research as researcher and since 2004 as senior researcher for evaluations and studies at national and international level in the fields employment/labour market and entrepreneurship. Eva Heckl is specialized on evaluations of programmes and processes as well as institutions of the active labour market policy and labour market integration of disadvantaged persons. She focuses also on gender topics, among others also on female entrpreneurship. Eva Heckl completed a training in systemic counselling (Simon&Weber) and heads workshops, drafts workshops and conferences and advises labour policy institutions. Furthermore, she is member of respective national and international expert groups.

Main focus:

  • evaluation of labour market processes, projects and institutions
  • conception of support measuresFördermaßnahmen
  • studies on labour market integration of disadvantaged persons 
  • gender (women on labour market, in research/science, as entrepreneurs)
  • consulting of labour market policy institutions