Projects - Research and Innovation Policies

Erfolgsfaktoren und Bedingungen für die kommerzielle Verwertung von außeruniversitären Forschungsergebnissen
Impact factors and conditions for a successful exploitation of non-university research results

Against the backdrop of existing deficits in the area of technology and know-how transfer, the project analyses impact factors for a successful, commercial exploitation of research results. The project focusses on the applied research conducted in the non-university research sector and the transfer of knowledge and technology to Austrian SMEs.
On behalf of: Austrian Cooperative Research
Co-operation: FGW, iwi, Österreichische Kachelofenverband, ÖIAT
Completed: 2015/12
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Zwischenevaluierung des Programms Innovationsscheck Plus
Interim evaluation of the programme “Innovation Voucher Plus”

Innovation vouchers enable enterprises to engage with research institutions on the basis of a non-refundable subsidy for their services to a maximum value of either € 5,000 (Innovation Voucher) or € 10,000 (Innovation Voucher Plus). This interim evaluation tested whether the initial hypothesis for the creation of the Innovation Voucher Plus was valid, i.e. that there was a substantial number of Austrian SMEs that needed scientific support beyond the scope of the Innovation Voucher for being able to engage with R&D more seriously. The focus of the study also went beyond the immediate impacts in businesses by investigating the basic intervention logic, how the voucher can be seen against the Austrian support portfolio as well as other international applications, and which design features need to be improved in the future.
On behalf of: Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economic
Completed: 2015/01
Contact: Peter Kaufmann

Entwicklung der WKW-Strategie zur Förderung von Innovationskraft und -fähigkeit der Wiener Unternehmen
Development of a strategy supporting innovation in Viennese companies

The objective of the analysis is to support the development of measures and activities of the Viennese Chamber of Commerce and to develop recommendations providing a sustainable impact on the innovation capacity and strength of Viennese companies. The study focusses on the question of successful innovation strategies and effective barriers as well as appropriate (and effective) support measures, and possible differentiations with respect to firm size and innovation types.
On behalf of: Economic Chamber Vienna
Completed: 2014/08
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Technologie-Roadmap komplexe IKT-Lösungen Technology roadmap complex ICT solutions

The project develops a roadmap for compelx ICT solutions as well as respective options and recommendations for policy actions. To this end, short- to long-term technology developments will be identified, and R&D priorities and support activities safeguarding the competitiveness of the Austrian innovation system will be deduced.
On behalf of: Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
Completed: 2014/07
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Endevaluierung AT:net
Ex-post evaluation AT:net

The ex-post evaluation of the funding programme „austrian electronic network“ aims at the analysis of the full programme duration from 2007 to 2013 and the achievement of its objectives as well as the impacts on the participating organisations and beyond. The results feed into the development of recommendations with regard to a potential continuation of the programme.
On behalf of: Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
Completed: 2014/03
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Umwelttechnologie in Wien
Environmental technology in Vienna

It is the aim of the analysis to describe the status quo of the cleantech sector in Vienna with focus on enterprises. Thereby the current state of the sector shall be depicted (employees, turnover, internationalisation, expansion) and the chances and potentials (development of number of employees, development of turnover, potential for expansion and internationalisation) in the different areas shall be forecasted.
On behalf of: Wirtschaftsagentur Wien
Completed: 2013/12
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Strategische Begleitung des Redesigns des IKT-Forschungsportfolios
Strategic monitoring and support of the redesign of the ICT research portfolio

The project aims at providing the contracting entity with operational recommendations for the development of support initiatives within an ICT strategy. This covers everything from thematic areas to the design of measures to be applied. Furthermore, the project will suggest appropriate impact indicators.
On behalf of: Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology Co-operation: eutema Technology Management
Completed: 2012/05
Contact: Sascha Ruhland