Projects - Innovation and Technology

Innovationen effizient in KMU implementieren (INEKI)
Efficient Implementation of Innovation in SMEs

By analysing how to support the efficient implementation of digital innovation in SME, the project aims at the development of a suitable set of methods to support innovation agents providing evidence-based and efficient consultation. The respective results are, among others, based on the use of applied methods e.g. social network analysis.
On behalf of: Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
Co-operation: Industriewissenschaftliches Institut-IWI (lead)
Expected completion: 2018
Contact: Sonja Sheikh

Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der österreichischen Unternehmen -  Globalisierung und Digitalisierung als Herausforderung für Österreiche Unternehmen, insbesondere KMU

Competitiveness of Austrian SMEs - globalisation and digitalisation  as a challenge for Austrian enterprises, especially SMEs

This study aims for the identification of relevant framework conditions that hamper the competitiveness of Austria’s companies against the backdrop of the impacts created by the technological and socioeconomic megatrend digitization. Elements of the current regulatory framework (including labour law) that prove to be especially significant in that regard will be analysed against their compatibility with a globalized, digital economy and recommendations will be developed how to improve them
On behalf of: Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economic
Co-operation: ÖIAT
Expected completion: 2018
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

IKT Standort Wien II
ICT location Vienna

The study aims to develop an up-to-date inventory of the ICT sector in Vienna and to identify opportunities to advance the region to an “innovation leader”. Methodologically, the study is based on analyses of secondary statistics, a company survey, expert interviews and interactive methodologies. As a result, the study produces an assessment of employment, growth and development potentials as well as of the respective economic strengths and competences of the Vienna region’s ICT sector. These are transformed into recommendations for the regional economic policy.
On behalf of: Magistratsabteilung 23 - Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Statistik
Co-operation: eutema GmbH, MAKAM
Completed: 2017/12
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Analyse der Rahmenbedingungen und Hemmnisse für innovative Unternehmensgründungen in Österreich
Analysis of inhibiting framework conditions for founding innovative companies in Austria

The study aims at analysing existing barriers for young, innovative companies in Austria and subsequently developing recommendations for ideal framework conditions for founders. Main focus of the analysis is on the barriers to found an enterprise in Austria, the financing and the role of the bank sector in this connection. Experiences from international good practice cases will be included in the report.
On behalf of: Rat für Forschung und Technologieentwicklung
Completed: 2017/10
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Evaluation der Teilnahme an den Europäischen Forschungsrahmenprogrammen
Evaluating the uptake and impact of participation in the European Framework Programmes

The study aims to assess how the national research and innovation landscape and policies have evolved during the past 15 years in Austria and how the evolution of participation patterns in Framework Programmes in Austria changed during the past 15 years.
On behalf of: European Commission, DG Research and Innovation
Co-operation: Oxford Research A/S (lead)
Completed: 2017/05
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Förderungs- und Finanzierungskonditionen für schnellwachsende und forschungsintensive Unternehmen in Österreich
The role of direct R&D subsidies for fast growing and research intensive enterprises in Austria

The first goal of this study was to investigate the relationship between R&D activities and enterprise growth as well as their dynamics in investments on the basis of different databases (CIS, WIFO, etc.). The second goal was to analyse in detail the characteristics of R&D projects implemented by high growth firms (HGF), the project outcomes and the role of direct support. The basis of this analysis was the monitoring database of the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) as well as the impact monitoring database of the Austrian Institute for SME Research, complemented by case studies. This resulted in a report that pointed towards a specific need to support potential HGF not provided by the FFG portfolio so far.
On behalf of: Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
Co-operation: Austrian Institute of Economic Research - WIFO (lead)
Completed: 2017/03
Contact: Peter Kaufmann

Studie zur Erkennung und Monitoring der Wachstumsneigung bei FTI-Gründungsideen und FTI-Gründungen in der frühen Phase
Study on the identification and monitoring of the growth potential of early stage research and technology-based-start-ups and -ideas

The study aims at the development of a consistent approach to support the identification, early assessment and monitoring of the growth potential of early stage research-/technology-based start-ups. The respective criteria will support the organisations / incubators of the AplusB scale-up programme in identifying and selecting start-up projects for their respective centres.
On behalf of: Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
Completed: 2017/02
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Bauforschung 2020
Building research 2020

The study provided the information for the conception of a construction-related research funding programme. Based on analyses of former research activities as well as expert interviews on industry-specific challenges, future perspectives and trends, the study identified the need for research, develops research topics and assessed the financial needs.
On behalf of: Federal Economic Chamber Austria
Completed: 2016/03
Contact: Walter Bornett

Erfolgsfaktoren und Bedingungen für die kommerzielle Verwertung von außeruniversitären Forschungsergebnissen
Impact factors and conditions for a successful exploitation of non-university research results

Against the backdrop of existing deficits in the area of technology and know-how transfer, the project analysed impact factors for a successful, commercial exploitation of research results. The project focussed on the applied research conducted in the non-university research sector and the transfer of knowledge and technology to Austrian SMEs.
On behalf of: Austrian Cooperative Research
Co-operation: FGW, iwi, Österreichische Kachelofenverband, ÖIAT
Completed: 2015/12
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

International consultancy study on gender equality in research

The study provides an overview of the measures set in Austria, Finland, the Netherlands and Switzerland to achieve greater gender equality in research. The empirical basis was provided by crosscutting analyses of country interventions and identification of best practices.
On behalf of: The Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy (DFiR)
Co-operation: Oxford Research (leader)
Completed: 2015/07
Contact: Eva Heckl

Österreichs Beteiligung am europäischen Sicherheitsforschungsprogramm – Effekte für beteiligte Einrichtungen und das Innovationssystem
Austria's participation in the European Security Research Program (FP7-SECURITY)

The project analysed the effects of Austria´s participation in FP7-SECURITY on the national security research landscape and ist stakeholders. Furthermore, FP7-SECURITY is contrasted with the national Security Research Programme KIRAS with regard to the design, the objectives and the project portfolios.
On behalf of: Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
Completed: 2015/04
Contact: Iris Fischl

Entwicklung der WKW-Strategie zur Förderung von Innovationskraft und -fähigkeit der Wiener Unternehmen
Development of a strategy supporting innovation in Viennese companies

The objective of the analysis was to support the development of measures and activities of the Viennese Chamber of Commerce and to develop recommendations providing a sustainable impact on the innovation capacity and strength of Viennese companies. The study focussed on the question of successful innovation strategies and effective barriers as well as appropriate (and effective) support measures, and possible differentiations with respect to firm size and innovation types.
On behalf of: Economic Chamber Vienna
Completed: 2014/08
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Technologie-Roadmap komplexe IKT-Lösungen
Technology roadmap complex ICT solutions

The project developed a roadmap for complex ICT solutions as well as options and recommendations for policy actions. To this end, short to longterm technology developments were identified, and R&D priorities and support activities safeguarding the competitiveness of the Austrian innovation system were deduced.
On behalf of: Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
Co-operation: eutema (lead)
Completed: 2014/07
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Umwelttechnologie in Wien
Environmental technology in Vienna

It was the aim of the analysis to describe the status quo of the cleantech sector in Vienna with focus on enterprises. Thereby the current state of the sector was depicted (employees, turnover, internationalisation, expansion) and the chances and potentials (development of number of employees, development of turnover, potential for expansion and internationalisation) in the different areas were forecasted.
On behalf of: Wirtschaftsagentur Wien 
Completed: 2013/12
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Analysis of conditions for a successful transfer of knowledge in the area of industrial technologies

The study aimed for the identification of the conditions for a successful transformation of EU-funded research projects into innovative products and services available at the market. Based on the analysed processes, the study derived success factors and recommendations how such a transformation could be supported in the future.
On behalf of: European Commission - DG Research and Innovation
Co-operation: Oxford Research AS, Nordic Research
Completed: 2013/05
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Regionalentwicklungsplan Kunst- und Kreativwirtschaftssektor Oberösterreich
Regional development plan for the cultural- and creative industries in Upper Austria

The Austrian Institute for SME Research carried out two workshops with the Upper Austrian working group in the framework of the EU funded Interreg IVC project CREA.RE – creative regions, which is led by the Department for Cultural Affairs of the Regional Government Authority Upper Austria. The results of the workshops were the basis for a regional development plan for the cultural and creative sector in Upper Austria.
On behalf of: Office of the State Government of Upper Austria
Co-operation: LIquA - Linzer Institut für qualitative Analysen
Completed: 2013/01
Contact: Sonja Sheikh

Cluster- und Potenzialanalyse Kreativwirtschaft Linz und Oberösterreich
Cluster- and potential analysis of the creative indus-tries in Linz and Upper Austria

The study analysed the supply, market, trend and competitive situation of the creative industries as well as the value chains to serve as a basis for the SWOT analyses of the creative industries in Linz and Upper Austria.
On behalf of: Creative.Region Linz & Upper Austria GmbH
Co-operation: LlquA Completed: 2012/09
Contact: Sonja Sheikh

Innovative Innovationsförderung und -finanzierung für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen
Innovative ways to support innovations in small and medium-sized enterprises

This study analysed new and innovative initiatives that supported and/or financed innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises. It focused on low-threshold initiatives beyond the monetary funding of innovation projects along four dimensions: design, target groups, which innovations were addressed, and utilisation.
On behalf of: Federal Economic Chamber Vienna
Completed: 2012/08
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

ACR - Innovationsradar
ACR – Innovation Roadmapping

The Austrian Institute for SME Research coordinates the development and publication of a roadmap in cooperation with 14 member institutes of the Austrian Cooperative Research association. Purpose of this roadmap was to provide SME with information on future trends in technologies and innovations in order to boost their innovation performance.
On behalf of: Austrian Cooperative Research
Co-operation: ACR-Network
Completed: 2012/06
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Strategische Begleitung des Redesigns des IKT-Forschungsportfolios
Strategic monitoring and support of the redesign of the ICT research portfolio

The project aimed at providing the contracting entity with operational recommendations for the development of support initiatives within an ICT strategy. This covered everything from thematic areas to the design of measures to be applied. Furthermore, the project suggested appropriate impact indicators.
On behalf of: Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
Co-operation: eutema Technology Management
Completed: 2012/05
Contact: Sascha Ruhland