Projects - International Economy and Regional Studies

Kreativwirtschaft und Internationalisierung

The study presents the extent of internationalisation of the Austrian creative industries by means of meaningful indicators and contains an analysis of the potential and the obstacles of the creative industries relating to different dimensions of internationalisation. The potential of the creative industries in the international market is illustrated by showing Austrian corporate case studies. In addition, the study includes the presentation of international policy approaches with regard to the development and design of internationalisation strategies for the creative industries.
On behalf of: Wirtschaftskammer Österreich - Kreativwirtschaft Austria (KAT)
Co-operation: Industriewissenschaftliches Institut, Oxford Research, Panteia
Expected completion: 2018
Contact: Christina Enichlmair

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in European Regions and Cities

This research project analyses territorial patterns and performance of SMEs in Europe and investigates factors and driving forces for SME development at regional level. To this end the research utilizes comprehensive statistical data as well as in-depth case studies of diverse territories in the EU. The study then looks at what can be learned in terms of effective territorial strategies fostering SMEs in different types of regions.
On behalf of: ESPON EGTC
Co-operation: Austrian Institute for Spatial Planning (OIR) (lead)
Expected completion: 2018
Contact: Thomas Oberholzner

Born Globals and their International Value Chains

The study investigates the phenomenon of born globals (i.e. young enterprises which are oriented towards international markets from the very outset) and their integration into international value chains. The analysis is based on extensive case studies. Another focus of the study is on policy measures supporting internationalization of (young) enterprises.
On behalf of: The European Foundation for the Improvemetn of Living and Working conditions (Eurofound)
Co-operation: Kingston University Enterprises Limited (lead)
Completed: 2017/12
Contact: Thomas Oberholzner

Kosovo SME Promotion Programme

This technical assistance project contributes to the development of the SME sector in Kosovo through a set of specific support actions: a) strengthening and capacity building of the local SME Support Agency for a more effective SME policy, b) promoting and professionalising SMEs through a voucher scheme for management consulting services, and c) developing a credit guarantee scheme for SMEs to facilitate access to finance.
On behalf of: Austrian Development Agency (ADA), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Co-operation: Economic Initiative for Kosovo - ECIKS (lead)
Completed: 2016/03
Contact: Thomas Oberholzner

Salzburg 2025 - Szenarien regionaler Wirtschaftsentwicklung und gesellschaftlicher Rahmenbedingungen
Salzburg 2025 - Scenarios of Regional Economic Development and Social Conditions

This study investigated the development prospects of the Salzburg region up to 2025. Based on comprehensive analyses, key factors influencing the regional economy and relevant trends were identified. This is used to frame different development scenarios for Salzburg. Eventually the main fields of action for government, social partners and other stakeholders are carved out.
On behalf of: Salzburg College of Higher Education
Completed: 2014/08
Contact: Thomas Oberholzner

Evaluation of a FDI promotion project in Kosovo

Focus of this evaluation was a development cooperation project promoting foreign direct investment in Kosovo as well as capacity development of the local investment promotion agency. The assessment focused on the project’s relevance, effectiveness and sustainability.
On behalf of: Economic Initiative for Kosova - ECIKS
Completed: 2012/07
Contact: Thomas Oberholzner