Projects - Climate and Environmental Policy

Begleitende Evaluierung zur Umsetzung des "Kursbuch Tourismus Oberösterreich 2011 – 2016"
Ongoing evaluation (2011 - 2016) of the implementation of the tourism strategy in the province of Upper Austria

The participatory development of the strategy to develop the tourism sector in the province of Upper Austria aims at increasing the value added by removing bottlenecks and strengthening potentials with a broad sector approach. The accompanying evaluation of the strategy implementation focuses on process as well as summative aspects (before-after comparison). The evaluation also comprises a comparison of the development with other regions.
On behalf of: Office of the State Government of Upper Austria
Completed: 2015/10
Contact: Peter Kaufmann

Interim evaluation of the participation of SMEs in FP7 (Cooperation Programme and the Research for the benefit of SMEs schemes)

The overall objective of the study is to evaluate the results and impacts of the participating SMEs within 2 initiatives of FP7: the cooperation programme and the research for the benefit of SMEs schemes under the capacities programme, including the impacts on economic performance, European added value, behavioural additionality and innovation. Beyond the evaluation study will assess the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the 2 initiatives.
On behalf of: European Commission, DG Research
Co-operation: Panteia (lead) , ENSR Partner
Completed: 2014/05
Contact: Iris Fischl

Umwelttechnologie in Wien
Environmental technology in Vienna

It is the aim of the analysis to describe the status quo of the cleantech sector in Vienna with focus on enterprises. Thereby the current state of the sector shall be depicted (employees, turnover, internationalisation, expansion) and the chances and potentials (development of number of employees, development of turnover, potential for expansion and internationalisation) in the different areas shall be forecasted.
On behalf of: Wirtschaftsagentur Wien
Completed: 2013/12
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Online-Befragung der teilnehmenden Betriebe am ÖkoBusinessPlan Wien (4. Programmperiode, 2010-2013)
Online-survey of the participants of the EcoBusinessPlan Vienna (4th program-period, 2010-2013)

“ÖkoBusinessPlan Wien” is a support programme of the department of environmental protection Vienna. With the consulting and support measures addressing efficient use of natural resources, Viennese enterprises shall be able to reach environmental aims while their costs are decreasing. The annual survey among the participating enterprises aims at the enquiry of impacts and additionality of the support and the environmental measures carried out by the enterprises.
On behalf of: City of Vienna, Department for Environmental Protection
Completed: 2013/09
Contact: Iris Fischl

Evaluation der Österreichischen Klimaschutzinitiative klima:aktiv 2004 bis 2012
Evaluation of the Austrian Initiative for Climate Protection klima:aktiv 2004-2012

The primary objective of the initiative klima:aktiv was to introduce and promote climate-friendly technologies and services. The initiative was divided into four thematic clusters: Building, Energy Efficiency, Mobility, and Renewable Energy. The evaluation analysed internal and external effects, assessed strengths and weaknesses of the main activities and identified options for the further development of the initiative.
On behalf of: Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management
Co-operation: Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt, Energie (lead)
Completed: 2012/11
Contact: Iris Fischl