Innovation and Technology

Research, innovation and technology are a driving force behind competitiveness, growth and employment in an economy. Both the development of new and innovative products, services and processes and their socio-economic impacts are of particular public and political interest. Consequently, the focus of interest and main research fields of the Austrian Institute for SME Research unter this headline include the analysis of framework conditions for research and innovation, the investigation of effects/impacts of innovation processes at the micro (especially SMEs) and macro level, and the understanding of interactions between science and the economy.

Thus, the Austrian Institute for SME Research analyses issues such as entrepreneurship and innovation in general, the effects of research and innovation policies at micro and macro level, the impact of new technologies (especially key enabling technologies such as information and communication technologies, nanotechnology, new materials and biotechnology) as well as aspects related to the creative industries.

Our research primarily provides a foundation for and contributions to evidence-based policy making in the field of science, technology and innovation policies, not exclusively but frequently targeting SMEs. 

Contact: Sonja Sheikh

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