Projects - CSR & Diversity

A map of social enterprises and their eco-systems in Europe

The purpose of this study is to provide information and baseline understating on the scale and scope of social enterprise across Europe, the demand for and supply of social investment to support its growth, and the barriers currently encountered.
On behalf of: European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities
Co-operation: ICF GHK (GHK Consulting LTd) (lead)
Completed: 2014/07
Contact: Eva Heckl

Konsumentenverhalten im Wiener Distanzhandel 2014
Distance Selling – Consumer Behaviour Vienna 2015

The study “Distance Selling – Consumer Behaviour Vienna 2015” demonstrates the dynamic development in distance selling in Vienna. The situation of m-commerce is again presented and as a new focus the level of satisfaction in using the possibilities of distance selling is analysed.
On behalf of: Economic Chamber Vienna
Completed: 2014/07
Contact: Ernst Gittenberger

Public Employment Services and the use of company agreements and CSR
This discussion paper, supporting the European Commission’s mutual learning programme for public employment services (PES), investigates: (a) to which extent and how European PES use collaboration agreements with individual employers in pursuing their policy objectives; and (b) to which degree and how PES take advantage of and engage in social responsibility (CSR) concerns and measures of companies.
On behalf of: GHK Consulting Ltd (ICF GHK)
Completed: 2014/03
Contact: Thomas Oberholzner

Mittelstandsreport Salzburg
SME report Salzburg

The aim of the study is to analyse the development and competitiveness of SMEs in Salzburg and to generate an updated empirical basis of information. A comprehensive overview of the relevant data and facts of the SMEs in Salzburg will be given.
On behalf of: Economic Chamber Salzburg
Completed: 2013/12
Contact: Peter Voithofer

Guidance in employers‘ age management strategies – supporting longer working lives of older workers

The study aims to investigate - across EU Member States - the strategies used by companies to support their older workers in order to keep them in employment as well as related incentives and support provided at the policy level. There is a focus on strategies based on guidance and lifelong learning.
On behalf of: CEDEFOP
Co-operation: Panteia B.V. (lead)
Completed: 2013/07
Contact: Thomas Oberholzner

Follow-up of the CER/ETF Joint Recommendations “Better Representation and Integration of Women in the Railway Sector”. Implementation – Evaluation - Review

Scientific support for a European social dialogue project of the social partners in the railway sector for the better integration of women in the sector will be provided. It includes the analysis of the representation of women in the railway sector, the identification and assessment of measures to promote women and the drafting of recommendations to further promote the integration of women.
On behalf of: European Transport Workers' Federation
Completed: 2012/06
Contact: Eva Heckl