Projects - Enterprise Life Cycle

Analyse der Rahmenbedingungen und Hemmnisse für innovative Unternehmensgründungen in Österreich
Analysis of inhibiting framework conditions for founding innovative companies in Austria

The study aims at analysing existing barriers for young, innovative companies in Austria and subsequently developing recommendations for ideal framework conditions for founders. Main focus of the analysis is on the barriers to found an enterprise in Austria, the financing and the role of the bank sector in this connection. Experiences from international good practice cases will be included in the report.
On behalf of: Rat für Forschung und Technologieentwicklung
Completed: 2017/10
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Identifizierung und Monitoring der Wachstumsneigung bei FTI-Gründungsideen und FTI-Gründungen in der frühen Phase 
Identification and monitoring of the growth potential of early stage research and technology-based-start-ups and -ideas

The study aims at the development of a consistent approach to support the identification, early assessment and monitoring of the growth potential of early stage research-/technology-based start-ups. The respective criteria will support the organisations / incubators of the AplusB scale-up programme in identifying and selecting start-up projects for their respective centres.
On behalf of: Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
Completed: 2017/02
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Ein-Personen-Unternehmen (EPU) in Österreich – Monitoringbericht 2016/2017
One-person enterprises in Austria. Monitoring 2016/2017

The study analyses the current situation of one-person enterprises in Austria with main focus on work conditions in one-person enterprises (among them income situation and level of satisfaction) and furthermore provides a longitudinal comparison with former studies.
Client: Federal Economic Chamber Austria
Completed: 2017/02
Contact: Peter Voithofer

Evaluierung der Garantien des austria wirtschaftsservice (aws)
Evaluation of guarantees of the austria wirtschaftsservice (aws)

The objective of the evaluation was to obtain information about the effects, the governance and the accessibility of the guarantees provided by the aws. Based on that, recommendations for potential improvements have been developed. Next to document analysis and analyses of monitoring data, two online surveys (with bank representatives and companies) as well as a control-group comparison based on the balance sheet database of the Austrian Institute for SME Research have been implemented.
On behalf of: austria wirtschaftsservice GmbH
Completed: 2016/12
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Gebäudereinigung in Österreich
Cleaning sector in Austria

The cleaning sector is characterised by a few peculiarities regarding competition, bureaucratic costs etc. while significantly contributing to the Austrian economy. Based on the analysis of secondary statistics and interviews with experts, the sector’s status and characteristics have been explored. Following that, the relevance of the services provided have been elaborated and all information obtained have been deepened by use of an online survey among companies in the sector.
On behalf of: Austrian Economic Chamber
Completed: 2016/12
Contact: Sascha Ruhland

Start-up Report Österreich
Start-up report Austria

Start-ups are a special form of enterprise foundation with potentially positive effects on overall economy, e.g. innovation impulses, growth and employment effects. In Austria as well as at EU level start-ups are high on the policy agenda and receive considerable media attention. Beyond this background the Austrian Institute for SME Research carried out a study to formulate a definition of start-up enterprises and to make a first estimation of the number of start-ups in Austria. Main methodological principles were literature and data analyses.
On behalf of: Federal Economic Chamber of Austria
Completed: 2016/10
Contact: Eva Heckl

Unternehmensübergaben und -nachfolgen in Österreich – Status quo 2014
Business transfer and succession in Austria – status quo 2014

The study analysed the complex process of business transfer with regard to the different phases prior to, during and after business transfer. Furthermore it estimated potential of future business transfer and employment concerned.
On behalf of: Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
Completed: 2014/05
Contact: Peter Voithofer

Mittelstandsreport Salzburg
SME report Salzburg

The aim of the study was to analyse the development and competitiveness of SMEs in Salzburg and to generate an updated empirical basis of information by providing a comprehensive overview of relevant data and facts of SMEs in Salzburg.
On behalf of: Economic Chamber Salzburg
Completed: 2013/12
Contact: Peter Voithofer

Familienunternehmen in Österreich – Status quo 2013 
Family enterprises in Austria - Status quo 2013

The study describes the current situation of Austrian companies in relation to the overall development of the company, the company’s objectives and strategies, the roles of values, the location and the human resources.
On behalf of: Federal Economic Chamber Austria
Completed: 2013/09
Contact: Peter Voithofer

Mittelstandswachstum Niederösterreich
Growth of SMEs in Lower Austria (Interreg DANUBE)

The purpose of the study was to analyse small and medium-sized enterprises in the border regions of Lower Austria and the Czech Republic and to show their development cycles. It identified also facilitating and hindering factors of growth and the impact of cross-border activities on the growth of enterprises.
On behalf of: Economic Chamber of Lower Austria
Co-operation: MAKAM, Regiopartner, Economica Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung
Completed: 2012/07
Contact: Peter Voithofer