Projects - European Integration Processes

Born Globals and their International Value Chains

The study investigates the phenomenon of born globals (i.e. young enterprises which are oriented towards international markets from the very outset) and their integration into international value chains. The analysis is based on extensive case studies. Another focus of the study is on policy measures supporting internationalization of (young) enterprises.
On behalf of: The European Foundation for the Improvemetn of Living and Working conditions (Eurofound)
Co-operation: Kingston University Enterprises Limited (lead)
Completed: 2017/12
Contact: Thomas Oberholzner

Development of a Statistical Information System for the Gender Equality Index (GEI)

The objective of the project is the development of a statistical information system which covers all available statistical information, data and related meta-information with view to gender equality in the European Union. The SIS will set the basis for creating the Gender Equality Index (GEI).
On behalf of: European Institute for Gender Equality
Co-operation: EIM (lead), Civitta, Irene Pimminger
Completed: 2012/12
Contact: Eva Heckl