Projects - Gender

Inclusive entrepreneurship 2017

The study examines policies and programmes in the field of inclusive entrepreneurship (target groups: youth, women, seniors, unemployed, migrants and people with disabilities) in Europe. Furthermore, strategies and measures to support entrepreneurship in these underrepresented groups are identified. The Austrian Institute for SME Research is again (like in 2016) responsible for the country report Austria.
On behalf of: OECD
Completed: 2017/09
Contact: Eva Heckl

Inclusive entrepreneurship 2016

The study presents policies and programmes in the field of inclusive entrepreneurship (target groups: youth, women, seniors, unemployed, migrants and people with disabilities) in Europe. The Austrian Institute for SME Research is responsible for the country report Austria.
On behalf of: OECD
Completed: 2016/10
Contact: Eva Heckl

International consultancy study on gender equality in research

The study provides an overview of the measures set in Austria, Finland, the Netherlands and Switzerland to achieve greater gender equality in research. The empirical basis is provided by crosscutting analyses of country interventions and identification of best practices.
On behalf of: The Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy (DFiR)
Co-operation: Oxford Research (leader)
Completed: 2015/07
Contact: Eva Heckl

Study on Statistical data on Women Entrepreneurs in Europe and on the creation of an e-platform for Women Entrepreneurs

The aims of the study are to collect and analyse the most recent comparable statistical data on women entrepreneurs in Europe (37 countries) and to study the feasibility and possible design, input and set-up of a European-wide e-platform for women entrepreneurs
On behalf of: European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry
Co-operation: Panteia B.V.
Completed: 2014/11
Contact: Eva Heckl

Begleitende Evaluierung zum Impulsprogramm "Laura Bassi Centres of Expertise"
Evaluation of the Initiative Programme "Laura Bassi Centres of Expertise"

The evaluation accompanied the programme Laura Bassi Centres of Expertise until the beginning of 2014. It was a strategic process evaluation with formative elements and a focus on learning possibilities and recommendations for programme steering. One part of the analysis comprised new and transferable ap-proaches for fair gender design of RDTI support.
On behalf of: Federal Ministry of Economics, Family and Youth
Project partner: ISI Karlsruhe
Completed: 2014/05
Contact: Eva Heckl

Evaluierung des Förderschwerpunkts Talente
Evaluation of the funding priority “talents”

The funding priority ‘Talents’ supports (potential) researchers in the areas of natural sciences and engineering. Focus of the evaluation was the analysis of the intervention logic, the implementation und the impacts of the programme. On that basis, recommendations for the further development of the funding priority were derived.
On behalf of: Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
Completed: 2014/05
Contact: Eva Heckl

Creation and development of jobs in care and support services for people with disabilities or health problems

Aim of the study is to examine job creation and retention in the social care sector, describing the current situation and highlighting good practices in developing both the numbers and quality of the care workforce. The study focuses on workers delivering community care services for persons with disabilities and/or chronic health problems below retirement age that promote social and economic integration.
On behalf of: European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
Co-operation: Panteia B.V. (lead)
Completed: 2013/06
Contact: Eva Heckl

Development of a Statistical Information System for the Gender Equality Index (GEI)

The objective of the project is the development of a statistical information system which covers all available statistical information, data and related meta-information with view to gender equality in the European Union. The SIS will set the basis for creating the Gender Equality Index (GEI).
On behalf of: European Institute for Gender Equality
Co-operation: EIM (Lead), Civitta, Irene Pimminger
Completed: 2012/12
Contact: Eva Heckl

Follow-up of the CER/ETF Joint Recommendations “Better Representation and Integration of Women in the Railway Sector”. Implementation – Evaluation - Review

Scientific support for a European social dialogue project of the social partners in the railway sector for the better integration of women in the sector will be provided. It includes the analysis of the representation of women in the railway sector, the identification and assessment of measures to promote women and the drafting of recommendations to further promote the integration of women.
On behalf of: European Transport Workers' Federation
Completed: 2012/06
Contact: Eva Heckl