• Evaluation and impact analysis
  • Technology and innovation

Elisabeth Nindl is an economist and linguist (Slavic Studies, University of Innsbruck). In 2014 she completed her PhD in economics under the supervision of Prof. Harald Badinger (WU Vienna) and Prof. Michael Pfaffermayr (LFU Innsbruck) with the thesis “International Trade, Institutional Quality, and Economic Development”. The PhD-thesis was honoured with the dissertation award of the Research Center International Economics. Since October 2017 she works as a research associate at the Austrian Institute for SME Research. Her focus in on econometric analyses, the evaluation of (primary and secondary) data, and the preparation of project reports. Before that, Elisabeth Nindl was employed as a research assistant at the Vienna University of Economics and Business at the Institute for International Economics, and as an advisor at the Economic Policy Department of the Austrian Economic Chamber.

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