In 2007, Tatjana Zlatev completed her studies in International Business Administration at the University of Vienna specializing in financial services and international corporate governance. Her diploma thesis on "Corporate Governance in Russian Companies" was awarded by the B & C Holding with the diploma thesis award. From 2007 to 2016 she worked for two of the leading auditing and assurance firms auditing financial sector companies and cultural enterprises. Parallel to this, she completed the accountancy course (Finance Academy WIFI / WKO) and the Certified IFRS Accountant course at the Austrian Controller Institute. She has extensive knowledge in the areas of accounting, preparation of the annual financial statements and of the internal accounting processes. Her main areas of responsibility at the institute are include the balance sheet database, on the one hand, the maintenance of the balance sheet database, which contains over 100,000 annual financial statements of companies per year, on the basis of which she prepares regular business analyses. Furthermore she is involved in the industry monitoring, where 60 important sectors of the economy are continuously analysed.

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