• Automation, data analysis, visualization of business indicators within the balance sheet database and the economic monitoring project of the institute
  • Data analysis and calculation in interdisciplinary projects of the institute
  • Databases: design, architecture, data collection
  • Programming of user interfaces
  • Data protection

Arash Robubi has studied Computer Science at the Technical University Vienna. He has worked for many years in numerous large IT companies, where he was entrusted with tasks in the field of automation, databases and networks. He has extensive and consolidated expertise in these and other fields of information technology. In 2004 he moved to the Austrian Institute for SME Research as IT manager. As a project manager in the area of databases, he has been responsible for the balance sheet and economic databases since he joined. Since 2008, he has been a corporate data protection expert and advises and trains the staff of the institute on this topic. He also accompanies SME Research Austria in adapting their processes to the EU Data Protection Regulation. Arash Robubi is a member of the Austrian Computer Society, and of the Austrian association "Privacy Officers".


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