• Development and challenges of SMEs
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Analyses of the diversity of self-employment
  • Job satisfaction of self-employed
  • Gender
  • Creative industries
  • Science communication and PR

Karin Bachinger has been working for the Austrian Institute for SME Research since 2011. She regularly analyses the development and challenges of SMEs and examines specific economic sectors such as the creative industries. Her research interests further focus on analyses of the diversity of entrepreneurship (different phases of the business life cycle, new business models and forms of entrepreneurship, hybrid entrepreneurs), job satisfaction of self-employed persons as well as gender and entrepreneurship. She is also responsible for science communication and PR of the institute. After studying international economics and business sciences and engaging in various trainings (including. the post-gradual SoQua course on international socio-economic research) she has gained comprehensive knowledge in the area of qualitative and quantitative research methods.

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