• Retail research
  • Consumer behaviour Research and online research
  • Entrepreneurship research
  • Family businesses and business successions
  • Rating Models
  • Structural analyses and industry dynamics

Wolfgang Ziniel is a business economist and business educator. He has been working at the Austrian Institute for SME Research since 2012. His work encompasses different areas of special-purpose and continuous economic research. This includes trade research, consumer behaviour and online research. Other central issues are entrepreneurial research, family businesses and business succession, as well as the development and application of the rating models of the Austrian Institute for SME Research.

After some time in practice, he previously worked as research and teaching assistant at the Institute for Marketing Management at WU-Vienna. His dissertation deals with psychometrics and consumer behaviour and was awarded the "Stephan Koren Prize". In addition, he works as FH (university of applied sciences) lecturer.

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